Boostinlyon, the lyon-based accelerator or incubator for startups and entrepreneurs who need help to creat their businesses

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  • Maybe you’re actually French and checking if we are as international as we say we are. Yes we are, be a little faithful, you heretic.
  • Maybe you’re not French but you don’t really know what you’re doing here. Well congrats, you’ve been quite far considering you don’t speak a word of French.
  • Maybe you’re not French but you are a startupper looking for some help in developing your business. Welcome to BoostInLyon!


Who are we?

BoostInLyon is a Lyon-based non-profit organization. We accelerate startups through our acceleration program, helping them to iterate on their business. The aim? Knowing who is their client, what is his painpoint and how they can help him.


How do we do it?

We accelerate batches of 10 startups that work together for 6 months. We organize workshops, meetings and coaching sessions from 1 to 3 times a week (pretty intense yup) while startups actually work together in our coworking space. We actually want them to spend most of their working time together because we believe that most of the acceleration experience comes from the community spirit that exists in BoostInLyon.

Boostinlyon helps you to launch your project of business creation

Briefly, BoostInLyon is:

  • A personalised support for 24 weeks: mentoring, networking, coaching, lessons, working group, experience sharing, user experience…
  • A support/ backing to the market access: national and international connexions (a strong bridge with Silicon Valley)
  • A real training program: business strategy, agile method, Lean startup, accounting, regulation, marketing and communication, human resources management…
  • A serie of events opened to everyone, committed to inspire and shake up the entrepreneurs at every stage and from all levels of expertise: BILShow (Entrepreneur testimony), NoBilShit (workshop / lunch themed), Open Coffee (networking breakfast)
  • One coworking space ebullient of ideas and energy to support, day after day, the creators.


6 months: Intensive pitching; exchanges with the mentors, personalized coaching, courses and business thematics, at least 3 weekly events.

10 projects: Boostinlyon hosts 2 promotions per year with 10 teams, admission based on application files and pitch in front of a jury made of entrepreneurs from Lyon. Why not you?

1 place: The accelerated are hosted on our coworking set / plateau located 113 Boulevard de Stalingrad in Villeurbanne, at the 3rd floor. This place allows all our accelerated and startups from the community to exchange and work.


BoostInLyon is a non profit organization supported by a bunch of volunteers!

BoostInLyon works as a community: everyone who coworks, is, or was, accelerated, is involved in the day-to-day life of the acceleration. Volunteers help other entrepreneurs with their experience and skills. They can also help by planning the events, managing the community or just being there for their mates.

BoostInLyon’s president and Guru-in-chief was Carole Granade. She lived for 15 years in San Francisco and spent 9 of them working as head of the French-American Chamber of Commerce. Back in Lyon in 2011, she devoted her time to the Lyon startup community, building bridges between Lyon and San Francisco.

To our deep regret, we lost her at the end of 2016. This is now Damien Bertrand, a serial-volunteer and entrepreneurship expert that heads Boostinlyon.

The BIL-team also includes over-motivated interns, crazy startuppers, amazing entrepreneurs, lovely consultants and pizza-loving freelances.

Our initial take-off

By the end of 2011, a handful of crazy, but motivated, entrepreneurs and consultants committed to the Lyon’s ecosystem decided to join their superpowers. After talking for hours and drinking lots and lots of coffee, they created an accelerator with one target: shake up the startups from Lyon and beyond, and help them grow.
This is how Etienne Depaulis, Henri Morlaye, Pascale Lagahe, Jérôme Poiraud and Philippe Pelisser gave birth to Boostinlyon, a non-profit with collaborative management and one goal for the startups: to find their clients. Almost 6 years later, Boostinlyon is now 11 promotions, 72 accelerated startups and more than 70 jobs created and perpetuated.

Howdy guvnor!
Convinced that you want us to help you? Don’t worry! We already love you.

Candidacy requirements are the following:

  • We are open to every industry. However, the project has to be innovative.
  • You must need our help. Whether you’re looking for your Business Model or trying to find out who your client is, we’re here for you!
  • We love pizzas, table tennis and unicorns. So are you. Well. You’d better.

You really really really want us (and you want us to want you too)?
Please send us an email here ([email protected]) and tell us as much as possible about your business, yourself, and what you need from us.
You can also add a joke, it will certainly increase your chances